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HN and HX systems

Delivering Broadband IP services virtually any where The Hughes HN and HX systems are one of the most advanced and widely deployed satellite systems.

Proven, Robust architecture

A true carrier grade satellite broadband systems, Hughes is a recognized for delivering quality, high performance satellite broadband subscriber Networks. Simple, yet Insightful Hardware The Hughes Modem also provides a comprehensive breakdown of the modem state and clear indication of any potentials problems.

Main advantages
  • Establishing, Proven platform
  • On demand streaming services for guaranteed VOIP
  • Flexible bandwidth allocation
  • High throughput capacity
  • Simple setup, configuration and diagnostics
  • Fully Featured Router
  • Broadcast/ Multicast application
  • Widest range of packages for consumers, SMEs and Corporate Users

HX systems

High-performance IP satellite broadband system

The HX System is designed and optimized for carrier-grade IP broadband networking and specialized applications such as on-the-move communications and mesh networking. The system is a broadband satellite system with an economical gateway earth station and high-performance remote terminals that scales from hundreds of terminals to thousands.

Applications include:
  • Broadband Internet / Intranet access
  • GSM/3G/4G backhaul
  • Maritime, air, and ground-based mobile networks
  • MPLS extension or replacement services
  • Embassy and government secure networks
  • Private leased-line services
  • Voice/video/data trunking for mesh networks
  • SCPC/MCPC replacement links

Available Remote Terminals: 



HX 50L

LDPC return channel for exceptional performance


 High-throughput router for Ku- and Ka-band


High-performance IP satellite router for specialized markets


Mesh/star high-performance IP satellite router


High-performance IP satellite router with enhanced security


HX Satellite Routers

Hughes offers a broad range of HX satellite routers which cover the spectrum of applications. All HX broadband satellite routers support LDPC coding on the return channel, dual IPv6/IPv4 Operation and dual LAN ports. Many of the HX satellite routers are designed with high-throughput performance which is required for next generation Ka-band satellite systems.

HN systems

Carrier-Grade Satellite Broadband System

The HN System is a carrier-grade hub system from Hughes, optimized to support medium- to large-scale satellite broadband networks and the ideal solution for enterprise, government, and consumer/small business markets. The HN System family consists of the HN NOC (Network Operations Center or Hub) and HN terminals (routers, modems, and appliances), which operate over C-, Ku-, or Ka-Band satellites.

HN System's Applications:

Broadband Internet access

Cellular Backhaul

Private IP network for corporate intranets including: 

  • Banking and Financial
  • Retail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Travel

Public services including: 

  • Telephony Internet Kiosk
  • Education
  • Government

High availability networking

Multicast data delivery

Multimedia applications including MPEG4 video

Available Broadband Satellite Modems, Routers, and Appliances:




Scalable, high-performance broadband satellite modem for enterprises


Scalable, high-performance broadband satellite router for enterprises


Scalable, high-performance broadband satellite router with integrated ATA for enterprises


Dual Ka-/Ku-band high-performance broadband satellite router


Dual Ka-/Ku-band high-throughput satellite router with advanced adaptive LDPC coding


Ka-band high-performance broadband satellite router with single IFL cable


Ka-band high-throughput satellite router with advanced adaptive LDPC coding

Other Equipment